Token sale

When will the CEDEX TOKEN SALE start and end?
  • The pre-sale offering will be conducted over a 10-day period beginning on March 16th 2018 at 10:00 GMT.
  • The main-sale start date is dictated by the completion of the pre-sale. If the pre-sale is completed within 24 hours, the main-sale will open at 10:00 GMT on March 17th 2018. If the pre-sale is not completed within 24 hours the main-sale will commence at 10:00 GMT on April 13th 2018. In either scenario, the main sale will last until the maximum cap is reached or 28 days.
Is there going to be a pre-sale?
  • Yes! We will be running a pre-sale from March 16th, 2018, at 10:00 GMT. Participants in the pre-sale will receive a 0.3 Coin (30%) as a bonus for each coin they purchase (up to 25% of total CEDEX Coin).
  • The whitelist pre-sale registration is now open at www.cedex.com
Why CEDEX rescheduled the Pre-sale?
  • Offering the Public a New Opportunity: Due to the high demand on the whitelist and investors, we have decided to increase the CEDEX token pre-sale from 20% to 50% which will allow the public to be part of the Pre-sale. The public token sale will offer 50,000,000 CEDEX Coins for 100,000 ETH: up to 25,000,000 in the pre-sale and the remainder in the sale.
  • Opening the Door to the Japanese Market: We see Japan as a major market for the Token Sale due to high demand from Japanese crypto participants. Following recent changes in the Japanese regulation that require tokens to be registered on a regulated exchange, CEDEX has initiated the process to comply with local regulation. CEDEX feels obliged to our contributors to move the pre-sale in order to try and complete the regulation process and allow our contributors to participate in the token sale.
Which payment methods will be accepted in the TOKEN SALE?
  • Users will be able to purchase CEDEX Coin in Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or fiat currencies according to the available rates in the market.
How many Tokens will be issued during the TOKEN SALE?
  • Altogether, 100 million Tokens will be created.
    The TOKEN SALE will include 50 million tokens, which equals 50% of the entire token supply.
What happens to any unsold Tokens?
  • At the end of the token sale, any unsold tokens will be burnt.
Will you offer an early bird bonus?
  • Participants in the pre-sale and sale will receive special bonuses as outlined below:
    • Pre-sale up to 25% of total CEDEX Coin – 0.3 CEDEX Coin for each CEDEX Coin purchased.
    • First day of sale up to 25% of total CEDEX Coin – 0.15 CEDEX Coin for each CEDEX Coin purchased (ending at 24:00 GMT).
Are the Tokens distributed to the team free to use?
  • A portion of the supply will be pre-allocated to CEDEX founders and team members in the following vesting schedule: 10% immediately, 30% after six months, 30% after 12 months and the final 30% after 18 months.
Are CEDEX Coins ERC20 compliant?
  • Yes, the CEDEX Coin is ERC20 compliant. As such, it can be stored on any Ethereum wallet that supports this protocol.
How do I safely store my tokens?
  • CEDEX Coins are ERC20 Tokens and can be stored in any ERC20-compatible wallet. It is highly recommended that you store your CEDEX Coins in an offline, cold storage solution. Please do not leave large crypto holdings on centralized exchanges. Nor should you have a backup of your private key in your email, on your desktop, in your Google Drive, etc. The “Ledger Nano S,” for example, is a great hardware wallet solution that supports all ERC20 Ethereum Token types. The CEDEX team urge you to search for a solution that meets your particular requirements.
What is the maximum Hard Cap for the Sale?
  • Due to the high volatility of ETH/USD rate CEDEX will cap the dollar value that will be sold throughout the Token-Sale to a maximum of USD$40 million. The Hard Cap for the Token-Sale will be published in ETH, prior to the Token-Sale, on March 14, 2018 08:00 GMT, CEDEX will be locking and publishing the final ETH amount to be sold in the Token-sale.
When will CEDEX secure the ETH rate?
  • As the Hard Cap for the Token-Sale will be published in ETH, prior to the Token-Sale, on March 14, 2018 08:00 GMT, CEDEX will be locking and publishing the final ETH amount to be sold in the Token-sale.
In the TOKEN SALE, how will the CEDEX Coin be valued?
  • The value of the CEDEX Coin will not exceed $0.8
How can I participate?
Use any of the following wallets to send Ether to our TOKEN SALE contract.
  • MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
  • MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser add-on)
  • Mist (Desktop)
  • Parity (Desktop)
  • imToken (iPhone)
  • imToken (Android)
  • Treasure
***Although we are using an ERC20 contract, participants will be able to contribute in Bitcoin/Bitcoincash once the TOKEN S starts
Can I send ETH from my exchange wallet?
  • We will accept ETH from exchanges, but we cannot return coins to the exchange. This means a user will need to enter a non-exchange wallet to receive the CEDEX Coins. For this reason, we recommend the list of wallets detailed above.
Is there a minimum or maximum number of CEDEX Coins I can buy during the general sale?
  • The minimum purchase is set at 500 CEDEX coins. There is no maximum allowance.
  • During the token Public Sale there will be no minimum amount).
What is the ETH address to which I should contribute?
  • The address will be published on our website when the TOKEN SALE starts.
How can I use the CEDEX Coins after the TOKEN SALE?
  • CEDEX Coin holders will be able to use their tokens once the sale is completed and tokens are distributed.
  • Tokens will be used for the following services:
    • To certify diamonds in gemological labs
    • For secure and insured transportation services for the tokenized diamonds
    • For insurance services
    • For custodian services -Allowing the diamond holder to keep assets at the custodian
  • Once the CEDEX Platform is up and running, Tokens will be used in the following ways:
    • Traders who want to purchase diamonds via Diamond-Smart Contract on the CEDEX platform will have to purchase CEDEX Coin to carry out their transactions.
    • Payment to and for all service providers, such as the gemological labs, custodian, insurance and transportation will only be done using CEDEX Coin.
    • Later, once additional financial products are developed, traders opening a short position will use CEDEX Coin to cover the collateral and borrowing fees.
    • Traders will be able to use their portfolios as collateral to receive CEDEX Coin loans.
    • Purchasing diamond derivatives.
Are the CEDEX Coins instantly transferable?
  • Tokens are distributed to users up to three weeks after the sale ends. Once they are distributed, they are transferable.
Where will you be storing the funds after the TOKEN SALE? Will you be using an escrow service?
  • All funds contributed during the TOKEN SALE will be held in a multi-signature Ethereum wallet. To ensure complete financial security for our purchasers, funds will be moved to a cold wallet.
  • We will not be using any escrow services.
Where can I read the CEDEX white paper?
Where can I purchase BTC and ETH?
Will there be a lock-up on CEDEX Coins sold in the Token sale?
  • There will be not be a lock-up on the CEDEX Coins purchased either in the pre-sale or the TOKEN SALE.
Is the CEDEX token sale open to US citizens and residents?
  • No. In full compliance with American regulation, the CEDEX token sale will block all contributions from the United States. Due to recent policy changes with regard to token sales on the part of the SEC, the US regulator, and the FCC, CEDEX will not be accepting any public,or private participation from US residents or citizens. This ban includes SAFT for accredited investors.


What is CEDEX?
  • CEDEX.com is a global exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative financial markets. With its extensive industry knowledge, CEDEX wants to engineer a groundbreaking change: enabling people to liquidate and trade in diamonds like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way.
  • CEDEX is creating a platform to bring together diamond supply and demand for trading in diamonds. On the supply side, CEDEX is targeting two main sources of supply: diamond dealers and private diamond holders. Diamond dealers looking for a new distribution channel to list their stock have already expressed interest in offering their diamond inventories on the CEDEX Exchange. On the demand side, there are two main purchaser groups: commodity traders and cryptocurrency holders.
Why is CEDEX using the blockchain and how do we interact with it?
  • CEDEX utilizes the Ethereum blockchain for its payment solution. Blockchain technology is also powering the underlying CEDEX project in order to create Diamond-mart Contracts. In the first phase, the smart contracts will be issued through a simple process that is initiated once a diamond holder lists a diamond for trade.
  • The simple interface creates a smart contract on the CEDEX platform backend. This contract represents a diamond’s gemological data and other information to allow for the creation of a financial product that represents the underlying asset, i.e., diamonds. As the blockchain-technology based CEDEX ecosystem evolves, we anticipate the financial market will adopt diamonds as a new asset class for trading.
  • Creating Diamond-Smart Contracts will be beneficial to the entire ecosystem in many ways:
    • No additional transportation and insurance will be incurred, as long as trade remains within the ecosystem.
    • All transactions using the CEDEX Coin will save fiat-currency transaction charges.
    • The diamond’s origin and all transactions will all be documented on the Diamond-Smart Contract.
    • The execution of trades will be carried out quickly and efficiently, or P2P, without any third-party involvement.
    • Open blockchain technology allows anyone to collect, aggregate and analyze the data for their own purpose.
  • CEDEX is governed by smart contracts and all transactions including payments in and withdrawals out by traders are governed by the Ethereum blockchain. They happen instantly and CEDEX management has no say or hold over this process.
Is CEDEX regulated?
  • CEDEX Exchange will start working as a self-regulated exchange. As the Exchange expands, we will seek regulation in the markets in which we plan to operate.
What has Cedex.com provided so far?
  • The CEDEX team has already completed the alpha version of the DEX, our proprietary machine-learning algorithm, which provides a market value for a single stone. We offer evaluation for 0.30-0.39, 0.50-0.59, 0.70-0.79, 1.00-1.19 - carat diamonds.
How will CEDEX.com technology impact retail business?
  • With CEDEX, we are engineering a groundbreaking revolution, enabling people to trade diamonds like any other financial asset.
  • CEDEX will allow businesses to use the platform to distribute their inventory.
Will there be fees within the CEDEX.com exchange?
  • Yes. As on all exchanges, users of the CEDEX Exchange will be charged a one-time listing fee to upload a diamond and a transaction fee on each trade.
Who is the team behind CEDEX?
  • The CEDEX project was founded by a team of professionals in internet, online marketing, financial technologies and services and the diamonds industry. TechFinancials, Inc has provided the finance for the project by way of a loan, for which it was granted with an option to be the holder of 90% of the CEDEX. TechFinancials, Inc is a leading developer of financial trading technologies. Its experienced team of software developers, financial engineers and online marketing technology developers will provide development services for creating the trading technology, alongside the CEDEX team.
Is the CEDEX Exchange web-based? What are the recommended browsers?
  • Yes, the CEDEX Exchange is web-based. To get the best user experience, use Firefox or Chrome. A CEDEX mobile app will be available in 2018.
What are my system requirements?
  • A computer and browser with a high-speed internet connection.
Will the CEDEX.com site be available in multiple languages?
  • Yes, CEDEX will support English, Russian and Japanese and additional languages in the future.
I am having difficulties setting up an account in CEDEX, where can I get help?

General Questions

How is Cedex.com related to the diamond industry?
  • CEDEX.com was founded by people with vast knowledge from the worlds of finance, technology and diamonds. CEDEX wants to engineer a groundbreaking change – enabling people to liquidate and trade in diamonds like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way.
What is next for Cedex.com? How do you intend to utilize the funds raised in the Token Sale?

Please find our detailed expected milestones and road map outlined below:

Milestone 1 – MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and Launch of CEDEX Platform

The main components of the MVP product:

  • Diamond onboarding from diamond dealer’s ERPs
  • Customer onboarding platform
  • Customer wallet management
  • Trading arena in which customers can buy and sell smart contracts using CEDEX Coin

Milestone 2 – From Trading Diamonds to Diamond Asset Class

The first milestone will focus on getting the system into production that will allow traders to buy and sell diamonds. The next evolution in making diamonds a commodity is the ability to transform diamonds from a one-of-a-kind asset to a homogeneous asset. CEDEX’s innovative solution combines blockchain technology and the proprietary developed algorithm, the DEX, to create a Category Trading.

Milestone 3 – Financial Offering Expansion and Regulation

As the CEDEX platform evolves, we expect professional traders and financial institutions using this new financial product to offer their clients exposure to their existing portfolios.

Milestone 4 – Geo Expansion

Is CEDEX registered?
  • CEDEX Holdings Limited is registered in Gibraltar under the company number 116565
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