If you want information about CEDEX – you’re in the right place – this section of the CEDEX knowledge center is focused on letting you know exactly how Cedex bridges the gaps between the conservative, exclusive world that is the diamond industry and the brash, innovative, de-centralized world of cryptocurrency.

If you’ve read our whitepaper, light paper or one-pager, have watched any of the videos we’ve uploaded to our website or have been following us on social media – you may already have some degree of understanding of how Cedex works.

But if you are new to Cedex, this section will help you understand the bridge between two worlds that seemingly have little to do with each other.

Unlike the diamond and cryptocurrency sections – in this section we won’t be able to provide you with history or speculations, because at this point in time – we do not know how the market will react to CEDEX – and we’re quite anxious to find out.

However – we will cover the idea behind Cedex, the various processes it went through as it was being built, how you can use it once it becomes fully operational and even a glimpse into our future plans for CEDEX – what you can look forward to from our company.

What Is CEDEX?

If you’ve gotten this far down the CEDEX website you must have seen our slogans “Transforming Diamonds into A New Asset Class” or “Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange” more than once. But what does all of that really mean? What is CEDEX? The simplest explanation is probably the best one…

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The Problems CEDEX Solves

Before you can solve a problem you must first really investigate it in-depth, make sure you have all the facts straight know exactly what obstacle is it that you are attempting to overcome. Attempting to solve an issue without being aware of all the variables involved will inevitably lead to…

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How Cedex Works

As the idea behind CEDEX began taking shape, it became apparent that there would be multiple problems to solve before it could become the viable market changing product we believe it can be. You already know the problems CEDEX wishes to solve, so let’s look at how it plans to…

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CEDEX Supply

Ask any executive worth their salt what the biggest issue facing a new company is – most will declare that market uncertainty is at or very near the top of their list. After all, you can make all the plans you want, but you cannot count on a free market…

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CEDEX Demand

We previously explained about CEDEX’s solution to the supply side of the equation. Now let’s examine CEDEX’s solution for the demand side. CEDEX seeks to enable both sides of the market feed into each other endlessly, with each side bringing their respective strength to the table. Just as it did…

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