CEDEX Demand

We previously explained about CEDEX’s solution to the supply side of the equation. Now let’s examine CEDEX’s solution for the demand side.

CEDEX seeks to enable both sides of the market feed into each other endlessly, with each side bringing their respective strength to the table.

Just as it did for the supply side, CEDEX looks at two primary groups the will help fuel the demand side – cryptocurrency investors and general investors, each with a specific function within the system.

Cryptocurrency investors will likely play a very big role within the CEDEX system for one major reason – the CEDEX coin will be the only currency which will initially be accepted on the exchange, The coin will also continue to be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

As the CEDEX exchange starts being used, demand for the coin will increase, leading people to seek out ways to buy it.

And, as high demand leads to increased currency prices, crypto traders stand to make a profit just by holding on to their CEDEX coins and waiting for the exchange to become operational.

As the CEDEX exchange’s popularity grows, so will its number of users and its subsequent worth. Crypto traders not only stand to make a profit from simply having CEDEX coins, they also have a vested interest in getting as many people to use the exchange as possible – the more people use the exchange the more the coin will be worth. It really is that simple.

General investors are also key potential CEDEX exchange users and are essential to its success, as they deal in all sorts of assets. Until now, they have not had a realistically sound way of investing in diamonds.

To them, the diamond market is a 90 billion dollar, nearly uncharted industry. There are very few, if any, real diamond investors, who are not a part of its eco-system, so outside investors have a chance to get in on the ground floor of a potentially huge market with virtually no competition, assuming they decide to use CEDEX.

They can opt to invest in CEDEX’s cryptocurrency, or, they can start buying diamonds as a means of solidifying their cash flow into an actual asset.

Whichever path they take, CEDEX’s system simplifies the path towards great profits.