CEDEX Supply

Ask any executive worth their salt what the biggest issue facing a new company is – most will declare that market uncertainty is at or very near the top of their list.

After all, you can make all the plans you want, but you cannot count on a free market reacting the way you hope, all the time.

How can you solve this issue? While there are many approaches, CEDEX believes in creating a market that basically feeds itself, a veritable self-sustaining “machine”.

Creating that sort of market entails making sure that supply and the demand sides function properly and are tended to.

On the supply side, CEDEX will focus on two major groups of individuals – diamond dealers and private diamond holders.

The category of diamond dealers can include diamond shops, polishers, re-sellers, pawn shops and virtually any individual or company that holds in possession of diamonds that they would like to sell.

These individuals or companies are usually quite restricted; they often do not have the resources needed for large scale marketing to attract anything other than locally-based customers or consumers familiar with the seller’s reputation.

Their biggest obstacle is therefore creating a larger market for themselves, one that allows them to expand the size of their business and income. This is an obstacle that CEDEX solves for sellers with ease.

Dealers who list their inventory on the CEDEX exchange automatically expand their audience from local to global. We hardly need to explain the potential such a crowd size holds for any sort of business, now do we?

But what about individual diamond holders? How will CEDEX help them?

Let’s assume that you are a private diamond holder and for whatever reason, you want to sell your diamond.

Your options are extremely limited likely including a local diamond broker or a pawn shop.
These places will charge you as much as 30-50% of your diamond’s worth, as a fee. That is how those places stay afloat; they have a captive audience and are fully aware of it.

CEDEX will put an end to that reality, by allowing any diamond holder to upload their diamond to the exchange and sell it, at fair market value, to anyone across the globe. A win-win situation!

Now that the supply side of the equation is taken care of, what about the demand side?