What Is CEDEX?

If you’ve gotten this far down the CEDEX website you must have seen our slogans “Transforming Diamonds into A New Asset Class” or “Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange” more than once.

But what does all of that really mean? What is CEDEX?

The simplest explanation is probably the best one – CEDEX is a way for Diamond traders, retailers, suppliers and private citizens in possession of diamonds to sell their inventory to anyone across the globe in an environment that is safe, secure and fully transparent, providing everyone the chance to easily liquidate their diamond holdings.

At the same time, CEDEX also provides an opportunity for holders of various cryptocurrencies to convert their portfolio into a tangible, fungible asset, in an environment they know is reliable.

By working as a fully synchronized two-way street, CEDEX increases the potential for each market to grow and expand over time – diamond holders stand to gain from increased access to a far larger market place, greatly improving their profit potential, while Cryptocurrency users can convert their assets into a tangible asset when the market is in turmoil, and easily convert back to their favorite currency when conditions improve.

CEDEX’s vision of the future is grand – a fully functional financial eco-system that integrates two seemingly separate worlds into one that is far more profitable for all involved while significantly enhancing efficiency, transparency and security.