Cryptocurrencies are a new arrival on the world financial stage, their earliest forms have been around for less than 30 years and have only grown popular since the introduction of Bitcoin, it’s most popular form over the past decade.

Considering the fact that other forms of payments have been around for roughly six decades (credit cards), 6 centuries (cheques) or 5 millennia (hard currencies) it would seem that cryptocurrencies have a long way to go until they reach a certain level of popularity

This is to say that describing cryptocurrencies with any degree of certainty is difficult because they are still in their earliest phases of existence, but before we start talking about cryptocurrencies at all we must first discuss money, economics and the way we as a society decide the worth of things.

We will do all of that in this section of the CEDEX knowledge center dedicated to how cryptocurrencies came to be, how they grew overnight, how they are changing the world economy and perhaps most importantly for you – how you can harness them to help you succeed.

What Is Blockchain Technology

Not only is Blockchain one of the basic building blocks of CEDEX and the way it operates, it is also an entirely new way of thinking financially – and in general.   As more aspects of our lives come to depend on computers and the digital world behind them, there…

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The New Financial World

There are quite a few people credited with coining the phrase “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” from Benjamin Franklin to Albert Einstein and even quite a few others. In reality, it doesn't matter who you believe coined the…

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Crypto Names To Know

Just like with other industry - there are some names, companies and market forces you simply need to know if you’re going to succeed.   And while the “old school” financial world has names like the US Dollar, Warren Buffet and Microsoft, the cryptocurrency world has a few names you…

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Cryptocurrency Glossary

The cryptocurrency world, like most spaces related to technology, views the language people use in and around it evolve in record speed. So, consider this glossary CEDEX’s way of trying to keep you updated on some of the language you may run into in your research, across various mediums. We…

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What Are Cryptocurrencies

The debate about cryptocurrencies and their true worth is a hot topic in various financial forums, groups, websites and pretty much everywhere else. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter, though the debate mostly centers around a single topic - are cryptocurrencies even money at all? If so…

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