They are not only a girl’s best friend, they can be yours.

Diamonds have long been a valuable item (particularly since the beginning of the 19th century) they have long maintained an air of elusiveness for the everyday investor or trader and for the common man, to whom they may have been nearly impossible to attain.

The reason diamonds are impossible to come by is that their production, transportation, refining and sale is controlled by an extremely limited group of countries, companies and personnel, in fact, 3 countries control over 50% of the diamond export market and if we expand to the top 10 countries the figure rises to almost 90%.

With a market share that is so big in a market that is worth over 80 Billion dollars a year for retail alone, there is very little cause to share the market and modernize it at all.

And that is exactly where CEDEX comes in – It aims to make the diamond trade accessible to everyone – including you!

But before you get ahead of yourself – why not read a little more about diamonds, how they’re produced, how they’re traded and how they will be used as part of the CEDEX eco-system after which you should be ready to take your first steps into trading the stone that’s owned by few and desired by many – with good reason.

The History Of Diamonds

They’re probably the single most sought-after gem in the world and with CEDEX in the mix, they’re about to become a financial instrument like no other. But diamonds weren’t always “a girl’s best friend.” In fact, until a couple of centuries ago, they weren’t even the most popular of gemstones.…

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Why Diamonds Matter In Todays Markets

If you’ve ever made an investment of any kind, you know the feeling that comes with it - uncertainty, usually coupled with doubt and a healthy dose of worry, simply because you’ve just put your funds in a one-way street with no way of knowing what might come out of…

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Are You Ready To Invest In Diamonds

So, how do you know if you’re ready to invest in diamonds? Well, first, you need to ask yourself the most basic of questions - are you even ready to invest at all?   This basic question has been covered in great detail on many sites, so we’ll skip it…

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Basic Terminology

Now that you know a little more about the history of diamonds and their current market, and you’ve decided that you want to invest, you’ll need to do some research on a few important matters.   At CEDEX, we’ve gone ahead and grouped together a list of terms we think…

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Companies & Names To Know

Now that you know a few more terms and you’re practically “swimming” in diamond-related information, here are a few more things you may want to know.   These are some of the companies and people that have either had a great impact on the industry in the past, continue to…

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Diamond Glossary

Unlike in our previous entry on basic terminology, in this glossary, we will focus on terms, some basic, others more advanced, but all used by people within the industry to some extent, and CEDEX thinks you should know.   Just like our basic terminology - this page too will sometimes…

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