Why Diamonds Matter In Todays Markets

If you’ve ever made an investment of any kind, you know the feeling that comes with it – uncertainty, usually coupled with doubt and a healthy dose of worry, simply because you’ve just put your funds in a one-way street with no way of knowing what might come out of the other side.


Sure, there are the safe routes that can pretty much ensure that 12 months from now, your 10k investment would be worth 10.1k, but in the crypto and other financial worlds, your 10k could be 100k.


Or 0.


So, how do you combine the desire for greater payouts on your investment, with the need to have a constant and consistent “out”, should you want one?


Quite simply – you need something tangible to convert your investment into. Traditionally, this role is fulfilled by investing in gold.


In times of financial turmoil, large institutions, governments and even well off individuals would often convert their holdings into gold, as its value is often opposed to that of normal currencies – when they fall, it rises and vice versa.


So, for the longest time, when an “insurance policy” was needed, gold was the obvious answer.

Simply because there was no other stable alternative.


But the very premise behind CEDEX gives you one – diamonds.


Essentially – the idea is the same as with gold, but it is even more stable. Whereas gold reacts to currency fluctuations, the value of a diamond that’s worth $2000 today will be worth exactly the same 12 months from now.


Sure, diamonds will always be needed for jewelry, but investors in various arenas may perceive reality as being vastly different, because it turns out the diamonds are not only a “girl’s best friend” they are also the best financial insurance policy around.