Physical Diamond Delivery
This service is for investors who wish to have the diamond in their physical possession and have it delivered to their home.
Physical Delivery
Shipping Fees
How to Request Physical Delivery

Physical delivery service is available in the EU (including the UK).
Investors will bear the costs of exporting the diamond from the country of the custodian. The cost of exporting and importing diamonds to Hong Kong constitutes 35$ + 0.022% of the value of a diamond.

In addition, investors will bear the costs of importing the diamond to their country. Please be aware that physical delivery may result in them having to pay VAT, GST and sales tax – additional charges that the investor must pay upon their shipment’s entry into their home country. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of each investor to check the availability, procedure, filing of the documents (such as import documents etc.) and to comply with their country’s local laws and regulations before starting this process.

Physical Delivery

An investor can ask for a physical delivery to their home address, after making sure that their CEDEX coins balance is sufficient to cover the shipping fees (any custodian fees that the user paid upfront, will be refunded after Physical delivery fees deduction to the user’s CEDEX account).

Once the diamond leaves the custodian’s possession, the diamond’s smart contract (DDC) will be canceled, and the diamond will be delisted from the exchange.
Custodian releases the diamonds originally sealed by GIA, CEDEX will not be responsible for any damages caused by Shipping company/ Custom inspection / open sealing etc.

Shipping Fees

CEDEX will provide the SHIPPING costs only; while other export/import costs will not be included into the delivery. Please kindly check and provide the requested costs.

How to Request Physical Delivery

Please email your request for physical delivery to Please confirm that you have checked and are aware about all the legal and tax issues regarding Physical Delivery and you will bear all the expenses. The email must contain your confirmation that you have checked and are aware about all the legal and tax issues regarding Physical delivery and you will bear all the expense, as well as the following details:

  1. The GIA number of the diamond you wish to receive
  2. Full name
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your home address
    Street and no:
    Zip code:

Users, visitors and others exposed to this website/platform may not rely on the contents of this website/platform and may not act solely based upon this content. Personal judgment must be exercised at all times with respect to diamond trading.

The website/platform may contain information obtained by third parties other than CEDEX. It is important to note that, CEDEX does not accept any responsibility for such third party information. The content of the website/platform is not intended to serve as advice or endorsement of any kind. Any event taking place within the CEDEX platform is designed for the use and benefit of registered users only. Any personal use of the website/platform is entirely at your own risk.

Users who intend to sell a diamond on CEDEX’s platform must carefully read CEDEX’s Terms & Conditions before engaging in any platform activity. The Terms & Conditions serve as the platform’s “Rule Book.” Agree to its contents, and note the following important issues before your proceed:

  1. Before contacting GIA, please check local laws/regulations pertaining to the exportation & importation of polished diamonds by private individuals and fill in all and any necessary export/import documents (in case of process failure) .
  2. Payment to the custodian is through your CEDEX user account. Meaning, users must have a CEDEX coin balance in their accounts.
  3. Users should understand that the current existing diamond value estimation they have (obtained either by previous GIA certification process or through any other diamond laboratory/jewelry shop (price, grading etc.) can be different from the current GIA certification process (because of downgrading, devaluation). Once the diamond leaves the GIA laboratory and is sent to the custodian, the only way to cancel the process process is to contact CEDEX and arrange for a “physical delivery” to be made. In such a case – CEDEX will not cover any associated costs; the user will have to pay for the physical delivery in full.

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