Saar Levy - Cedex CEO on Crypto ICO Summit March 28, 2018
Ronen Priewer - Cedex Founder in an interview
CEDEX was selected as one of the top 10 of G-Startup Tel Aviv 2018
World First Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange
BEF2018 conference, Saar Levi Interview
Meet The Team
A Sneak peak Into CEDEX Headquarters
Diamonds & CryptoCurrency unavoidable collision of giants
How would Diamond valuation full transparency impact the diamond industry?
CEDEX Live Webinar with Ronen Priewer 2.1.2018
ICO news in Korea - CEDEX review by Jay Kim
Webinar with Saar Levi. 11.12.2017
CEDEX Live Webinar with Saar Levi. December 11, 2017
Presenting CEDEX at the Blockchain Expo in Santa Clara
CEDEX continues its roadshows with a great presentation at the Blockchain Expo, Santa Clara which took place on November 29-30
CEDEX at Blockchain Summit London
Presenting CEDEX at Blockchain Summit London - November 28
We are Global! CEDEX Presentation in Tokyo, Japan
Ronen Priewer, CEDEX Fouder, presenting CEDEX at the Japan-Israel Delegation in Tokyo October 2017.
PRESENTING CEDEX - Fintech Tel-Aviv Meetup
Saar CEO presents CEDEX at the Fintech Tel - Aviv Meet-up in November 2017
All You Need To Know About CEDEX
A quick 101 about CEDEX - the first certified blockchain based diamond exchange.
Meet Saar our CEO, who will give you a quick run through about the project.
Introducing CEDEX!
The CEDEX introduction video shares the project and vision behind CEDEX the first Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange. Explaining how CEDEX is Transforming Diamonds into a New Investment Opportunity!
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